Operation Helping Hands!  - Motto: That Our Hands Will Meet The Hands Of The Community

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Bishop Robert Williams and Elder Edna D. Williams along with Pastor Timothy and First Lady ShaVonne White and Pastor Barbara Watson thank you very much for taking time to view  Operation Helping Hands Website. We do pray that you will find it in your hearts to partner up with us and make a donation so that we can help a family or a individual that is in need of food or school supplies for children that is in need. A $15 donate will provide hygiene products for one individual. A $25 donation will provide school supplies to a child in need. A $35 donation will feed a family of 3. A $45 donation will feed a family of 4.  Will you find it in your heart to help us. No donation is too small.  We will be forever grateful to you and may God forever Bless you!!! Thank you for visiting our website please make sure you sign our guest book before you leave thank you.

Motto: That Our Hands Will Meet The Hands Of The 

Operation Helping Hands Is The Bridge That Connects To The Community!

Remember: Be Apart Of Something That Matter!



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