Operation Helping Hands!  - Motto: That Our Hands Will Meet The Hands Of The Community
About Us 
  I am Edna Williams the founder/director of “Operation Helping Hands” A non- profit organization.  
“Operation Helping Hands” Motto is: That Our Hands Will Meet the Hands of the Community!
“Operation Helping Hands” mission and my passion is to be able to give hope to those who have worked very hard in life only to have had some unforeseen events to have taken place and have cause a great hardship on them and their families even if it was due to the downsizing of jobs or the state of our economy.
“Operation Helping Hands” would like to be able to provide holiday food baskets, as well as volunteer staffing for a soup and sandwich kitchen. There is also a significant need for hygiene items such as: soap, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste and tooth brushes, lotion, deodorant, combs as well as feminine items, along with a critical need for towels, and wash cloths.
 Our gold is to provide school supplies to children that will not be able to return to school with the right supplies needed to get them started for the school year. It is important that student is able to perform their studies with all the supplies that are needed to help them learn. “Operation Helping Hands” is requesting your partnership with a generous financial or a donation of supplies to assist and to help those who have fallen on hard times
 Because of your generosity it will allow me to meet the needs of those that are in need. I will be forever appreciative for your help. Together, we may not be able to reach all the needs of those in our community in their misfortune situation, but we certainly can try and make a positive difference in as many of their lives as we can. Your help in donating funds or some or all of those items listed above though a gift package will certainly get us off to a great start.
My prayer is that I can make a difference here in this community and city with your help. I pray that I will be able to provide others with just the simple things in life. Sometime’s that things that seems small or simply to us can mean a great deal to the person that do not have. Thank you in advance for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon. May you be forever blessed.
 Edna D. Williams
Motto: That Our Hands Will Meet The Hands Of The Community!
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